CBD extract can help acne sufferers

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One long-time acne sufferer becomes a staunch supporter of cannabis after it improves her complexion

The extent to which Cannabis oil can be beneficial is still not known. Cannabis oil is already present in a number of remedies to treat pain and arthritis, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms and many more. It is now also being shown as an effective treatment against acne, expanding the growing list of ailments for which sufferers can find relief.

The cause of acne isn’t completely known. Some studies indicate that it could be caused by genetics or bacterial infection, while others put the cause on inflammation and an overproduction of sebum, an oily substance that is secreted through the sebaceous glands in the skin. Whatever the cause, CBD could be the cure.

CBD oil has inherent anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to inhibit sebum production. It has also been shown – in only a test-tube study – to prevent the activation of agents such as inflammatory cytokines, which can lead to acne.

As confirmed by one acne sufferer, CBD oil was a lifesaver. The 25-year-old suffered for eight years with acne that was so severe that people shunned her and called her names. After seeking relief through traditional methods that didn’t work, she turned to a treatment that includes CBD oil capsules and found the miracle cure.

The capsules have almost completely disappeared and she is now comfortable enough to go out in public without makeup. She asserts, “There may not be many scientific studies on it, but it’s certainly worked for me.”

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