Cannabis lounges less than two weeks away in Santa Ana, California

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January 1 will bring new cannabis consumption lounges to the state

Santa Ana, located in the southwestern corner of the state of California, is a city that has experienced a recent civic renaissance with museums, a monthly art walk, and stores. If many of its visitors and residents wanted the icing on the cake, they will now also be able to visit marijuana consumption lounges starting next year. The strong winds blowing through this city are now likely to be accompanied by the scent of marijuana.

In October, the Santa Ana City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to modify the municipal code, as well as the cultivation, retail-based tax rates, distribution, and manufacturing of marijuana. These measures approved by the voters will allow the consumption of marijuana in lounges and events starting January 1.

The city manager, Kristine Ridge, stated that Santa Ana is a pioneer in Orange County after allowing the sale of recreational marijuana. She added, “These changes to our cannabis laws will help our Santa Ana operators remain competitive in an industry that creates local jobs while also producing new tax revenues that help pay for City services.”

Permitted retail stores now have the ability to open consumption rooms where cannabis products can be sold and consumed. In addition, the new amendments also provide that permitted retailers may hold temporary consumption events where marijuana may be sold and consumed twice a year, either at an off-site location or the retail site.

The Golden City will also be able to hold different temporary consumption festivals where people can sell and consume cannabis. It will undoubtedly become a tourist center for many Californians and travelers who love cannabis.

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