Cannabis legalization may lead to reduced rates of obesity

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A study has found that legal cannabis states have lower rates of obesity

The well-known binge that marijuana can cause may lead you to think that cannabis use promotes weight gain. But scientists have also shown that cannabis can help you lose weight. Scientific evidence has shown that smoking cannabis can increase metabolism. A faster metabolism helps you burn more calories during periods of rest and activity. Of course, more efficient calorie burning can translate into lower body weight. With legalization on the rise, a recent study has indicated that legal sales of the plant may contribute to a lower obesity rate in states where it is permitted.

NORML has shared a report showing that different researchers affiliated with North Dakota State University took on the task of analyzing obesity rates with legal marijuana use. They focused on Washington after legalization and subsequently compared it to the obesity rate of a synthetic control state.

The study noted that specialists have analyzed this relationship by using a synthetic control approach. The purpose of this is to examine the impact of legalized access to recreational marijuana on obesity rates by comparing Washington state with a synthetically constructed counterfactual.

The authors found that the introduction of adult-use cannabis did not lead to an increase in obesity rates. In fact, making that market legal may have contributed to a lower rate of obesity. They went on to say that as more states move toward decriminalization, the findings provide important information about contemporary drug policy.

Research indicates that when cannabidiol (CBD) is consumed, people are enhancing the endocannabinoid system’s ability to maintain control over mitochondria. In the case of obese people, this almost always means that the mitochondria get back in shape, converting more fats and sugars into energy that can then be burned more easily. When combined with proper exercise and nutritional support, this can significantly reduce overall fat storage by increasing the rate at which people burn fat.

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