Cannabis lab testing and certification takes a step forward

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LabVantage Solutions introduces a lab information management system

New Jersey-based LabVantage Solutions, one of the leading companies behind laboratory information management systems (LIMS), has created a LIMS system specifically designed for the cannabis industry. It was unveiled last week during the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, OR and will provide a platform for cannabis testing and certification.

The platform is available through perpetual licensing or Software as a Service (SaaS) agreements. It provides a single platform for all tests, sample information, test result data and testing instruments.

The LIMS will allow for fully audited sample lifecycle and audit trails, while providing Certificates of Analysis that are customized per local regulatory requirements.

According to a LabAdvantage press release, the system “can support ISO/IEC 17025 compliance, ISO 9001:2015, 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 and GLPs as well.”

Bob Voelkner, the company’s VP of Sales & Marketing, says, “We know the testing methodologies these labs use, so the customer doesn’t have to create that from scratch. This is meant to be out of the box and ready-to-use, so the customer can get up and running with minimal lag time.”

Voelkner added, “This particular space is new and emerging, it is pretty dynamic — we see a lot of change happening. We believe this space needs a highly flexible platform and this is a proven technology solution with a lot of configurability built into it.”

As marijuana continues to attract greater awareness, virtually all of the states that have legalized the plant have added language to the legislation requiring testing. A LIMS system for the industry will go a long way toward ensuring consistent reporting guidelines and procedures and help meet the obligations introduced by legislators.