Cannabis jelly beans arrive for Easter

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The founder of Jelly Belly gives the popular candy the CBD treatment

Easter is just about a month away and the founder of one of the most famous jelly beans manufacturers in the world is making this year more special. Just ahead of the popular holiday filled with Peeps and colored eggs, Jelly Belly founder David Klein has introduced jelly beans infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

Klein is no longer the man behind Jelly Belly – he sold the company in 1980 – but he has continued to make candy. After reading about the health benefits of cannabis, and CBD in particular, he decided to move into the CBD-infused candy realm and launched Spectrum Confections.

The new jelly beans come in 38 different flavors, including strawberry cheesecake, mango, cinnamon, spicy licorice and others. They each contain 10mg of CBD and are coated with sugar designed to mask the CBD flavor.

10mg of CBD is a substantial amount – the recommended daily intake is no more than 20-30mg. Jelly beans are typically gobbled up by the dozens, which could be an issue if someone were to get their hands on a big supply of Klein’s CBD-infused products.

Don’t expect to find the jelly beans on store shelves anytime soon – they’re only available in bulk purchases and in minimum quantities of 800. Additionally, as CBD-infused edibles have become a controversial subject, most jurisdictions aren’t ready to allow widespread CBD-infused products. The Food & Drug Administration has yet to determine how best to address the subject, and has only said that it is currently working on it.

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