Cannabis is taking over the fashion ecosystem

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Cannabis and hemp products are becoming the future of fashion

Marijuana is increasingly finding its way into various cultures around the world, showing up in novel and very interesting ways. Among them is the fashion industry, where many iconic figures are waving their love for the plant through their clothing and accessories.

As marijuana has never had a place in the professional fashion industry due to its negative image and association with criminal activities, the only cannabis-related products that have existed are the typical T-shirt with a “weed leaf” on it or the classic Rastafarian garments. But the continued advancement of cannabis legalization and culture can be seen in the modern movement and lifestyle surrounding it and also in the work of today’s top fashion designers.

In recent years laboratories have shown the different uses of this plant ranging from medicinal, to recreational and now it is becoming popular in the textile sector. Hemp, which is usually called the fiber of the future, is the answer to sustainability. This is because it requires a small amount of water in its transformation, it does not need fertilizers or pesticides, so it is organic.

With much of the world heading in the direction of legalization, it is safe to say that its influence on fashion is here to stay. A large percentage of fashion consumers are between the ages of 20 and 35, and it should come as no surprise that designers are trying to do something different that reflects today’s chic and trendy cannabis consumers. There could certainly be times when it is seen as a fad, but it will likely never go out of style, like flannel shirts and vinyl.