Cannabis is increasingly being used to treat cataracts

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More people than ever are using cannabis and CBD to help their eyesight

Now that most of the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis and those who use cannabis have slowly vanished, the door has opened to more and more research into the medical benefits of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) in treating a whole plethora of ailments and conditions that modern medical science has not found solutions for. One area which has shown some very positive results is in the treatment of cataracts, which affect millions of Americans.

Cataracts affect some 25 million people in the US with reduced vision, dull colors and can cloud a person’s eyes. Cataracts can lead to blindness if not treated and, according to the World Health Organization, is the leading cause of blindness globally. Harvard Health’s blog shows us that many people in the US are now looking for alternative approaches to treating cataracts and other age-related diseases that are endemic to older people. Many older citizens have lost faith in prescription or over-the-counter medicines. They have heard enough about CBD products and the soothing, healing effects they offer and are ready to give it a try.

The Journal of the American Medical Association has recently released their findings of a study that shows that cannabis use by adults over 65 years of age is steadily increasing in recent years. While studies are still limited on the use of marijuana and CBD to treat cataracts, the American Academy of Ophthalmology is reporting positive results and there appear to be benefits in the treatment of glaucoma, lowering intraocular pressure, to be derived from cannabis and CBD.