Cannabis is having a big influence on fashion this spring

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Many clothing brands are infusing cannabis themes in their product lines

Perhaps the fashion industry dedicated to creating cannabis-related products, such as sweatshirts and hats, has been running for several years, but it is now when the overall cannabis acceptance is bringing this sector to the mainstream circle. Gradually, the cannabis industry shies away from stereotypes, and it seems to be the fashion industry is ready for it, as well. Currently, there are many renowned brands featuring pieces of clothing and accessories that are allusive to cannabis that promise to influence this year’s fashion market greatly.

There are many brands that are already associated with celebrities and artists that, for a long time, have been cannabis enthusiasts, such as Adidas, whose newest collection seems somehow to be created for cannabis consumers. Additionally, several of the trends for this spring and summer of 2020 are bringing back the ’90s decade with a touch of nostalgia. “I’m seeing a lot of flare jeans coming back for 2020, a lot of tie-dyes, crochet dresses and tops and lots of bold patterns,” agrees Brittnee Blair, a model and fashion enthusiast after traveling around stores. “There’s definitely a stoner laid back approach to how people are dressing. They want to be effortlessly comfortable with simple statement pieces.”

Case in point is Capsule 98, which is a website, podcast and now a clothing line company. It uses several elements of the style typical of marijuana smokers back in the ’90s. The clothing line was created by Toronto’s Randi Bergman based on a time capsule from that decade. Bergman explains the line best in her own words. “The Capsule 98 Collection really speaks to my ‘essence’ and, by that, I mean that it’s equal parts Shania Twain, Fran Fine, Courtney Shane and Nomi Malone, with a little bit of Miami hoe mixed in.”