Cannabis is great for improving the quality of life

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Regular and moderate use of cannabis has several benefits that help everyday life

A recent study published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoids Research journal shows that medical cannabis has proven to be effective in improving the quality of life for the patients. Cannabis has gained more legal support across the country and more acceptance from groups of people that didn’t use it before or that were opposing. Several other studies have explored the effects of cannabis in the human body, mostly with great results.

As per this study, the quality of life of patients improved in several aspects. These findings were taken from an online survey that was conducted by 1,200 people. Their responses were gathered over a two-year period that started in April 2016 and concluded in February 2018. The respondents came from the Realm for Carin Foundation, and their responses were being recorded every three months. The subjects of this study were suffering from certain health and medical conditions.

The study observed a 9% decrease in the amount of pain reported by patients who used cannabis. Also, anxiety levels fell by 12% and the overall quality of life score also increase by 8%. In addition to that, the study also noticed that patients who used medical marijuana were able to get rid of prescribed medication. The cannabis users reported a 14% lesser use of those medications when compared to the placebo group.

Another great conclusion made from this survey is the fact that patients using cannabis required lesser healthcare resources, meaning that it is less probable for one of those patients to end up in the emergency room. This includes the decrease in likelihood of being admitted at the hospital compared to non-users.