Cannabis inhalers now being trialed for pain relief

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An inhaler could be a viable alternative for those who don’t wish to smoke

Cannabis has already been irrefutably recognized as the top all-natural alternative for relieving pain. While lab-created chemicals include many unwanted side effects and often lead to addiction, cannabis carries substantially fewer risks and, although addiction is possible, the percentage of those becoming addicted is much less than with alternatives such as opioids. Many who suffer from severe or chronic pain, however, are not comfortable smoking and scientists are now working to give them an alternative – inhalers.

Scientists in Israel have begun studying whether or not inhalers would be a viable alternative to smoking. As Dr. Itay Gur-Aryeh, the director of the Pain Unit at Sheba Hospital, explains, “Every piece of clinical research that helps manage treatment using medical cannabis is important. Delivering treatment via inhalation is characterized by a quicker response time than oral or sublingual tablets.”

The inhaler includes a vaporizer to which a measured dose of cannabis extract can be added. That extract includes a dose of active ingredients and this metered dosage is key to providing the best relief to pain sufferers.

Gur-Aryeh adds, “Through access to cannabis inhalers, and subject to a medical specialist’s recommendation, we strive to help more patients suffering from acute pain. The inhaler will provide patients that are unable or unwilling to smoke, the right to be treated consistently and precisely.”

The research project is being led by two pharmaceutical companies based in Israel, Panaxia and Rafa. If the tests go well, they will be distributed under Rafa’s medical cannabis brand later this year and will incorporate Panaxia’s medical cannabis products.