Cannabis inhalers for asthma gain attention

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The novel approach to cannabis consumption could become mainstream soon

Asthma affects over 26 million Americas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Inhalers have been available for decades as a way to find relief from the symptoms, but work through the introduction of steroids into the lungs. Now, scientists have begun to explore the possibility of cannabis-based inhalers and the results have, so far, been promising.

Two companies out of Israel, Rafa Pharmaceuticals and Panaxia Pharmaceuticals are collaborating on the cannabis inhaler’s development. The two entities are now conducting clinical trials on the inhalers and registration for participation is still open.

The CEO of Panaxia, Dr. Dadi Segal, explains, “The clinical trial is performed as part of the registration procedure of the new products, which we are about to launch in Israel this year in collaboration with Rafa. Through access to cannabis inhalers, and subject to a medical specialist’s recommendation, we strive to help more patients suffering from acute pain. The inhaler will provide patients that are unable or unwilling to smoke the right to be treated consistently and precisely.”

Not only will the inhalers help those who suffer from asthma, but they could also provide relief from other afflictions, as well. There is support for the use of an inhaler to treat certain forms of cancer, chronic pain and terminal illnesses. As opposed to smoking, the inhaler allows for an accurately measured dose of cannabis extract or concentrates.

The inhalers, if approved, should make their way to pharmacies in Israel later this year. With the changing sentiment regarding cannabis in the U.S., it’s possible that they could be made available in North America within a couple of years.

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