Cannabis-infused Thanksgiving for the whole family

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Everything on the dining room table can be infused with cannabis

This has been a year full of news for the cannabis revolution and now fully legal in ten states; maybe it’s time to open the door for cannabis to join this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. The intention is not to promote everyone to be high on Thanksgiving Day but, given all the lethargy, sleepiness and bloat people are left with after the big celebration, it makes sense to welcome cannabis to join this special occasion. From recipes that add cannabis in diverse presentations to like a gravy product to the pleasure of preparing a recipe wit cannabis included, options are there for everyone.

Kiva is a company that is now advertising an exclusive gravy infused with cannabis that can become a very nice addition to this year’s turkey. Kiva praises its product by saying that it was made with state-of-the-art technology that allows THC to be absorbed faster. For those who don’t live in California perhaps a surf around Thanksgiving-related recipes that are everywhere online can bring the celebration to a new level of joy. Since cannabis has been more accepted among the population cooking with this plant might bring new opportunities for new creations like Cannabis-Infused Pumpkin Pie, Artisan Bread, and Kush-Infused Turkey to name a few.

For cooking with cannabis, there are three main tips to consider. First, the flowers used need to be of the best quality possible, keep the temperature below 340 and slow cooking are definitely part of the process. One other thing to consider is that eating cannabis can cause different effects than just smoking it, so be careful in those cases less is more. Take some time and share with friends and family adults time in the kitchen trying out this new option for this special celebration.