Cannabis-infused seltzers continue to advance the industry

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The cannabis beverage market is changing the shape of the market

Seltzer is a category that mixes sparkling water and includes a low volume of alcohol, ranging from 4.7% alcohol. Most of these come in refreshing flavors and are a low-calorie, gluten-free option with no artificial preservatives. This market has lately been blended with cannabis to provide a unique experience. Happi, pioneering a new path in the cannabis beverage space, is looking to take that combination to the next level.

The cannabis-infused seltzer brand has unveiled new products called Happi Glow and Happi Nightcap, daytime and nighttime specials. These innovative functional beverages are created with a blend of non-psychedelic reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms and minor cannabinoids, making them one-of-a-kind.

Containing 5 mg THC, 5 mg CBD, 3 mg CBG and 2 mg CBN, patented Happi Glow is available in a bright, citrusy blood orange and ginger flavor. It boasts the benefit of lion’s mane mushroom, capable of keeping the mind clear and promoting clear-headedness. It is ideal to complete your daily routines more effectively.

On the other hand, Happi Nightcap is available in Turkish apple tea with quality spices and crisp apple notes. The 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBN can is ideal for nighttime as it brings together relaxing reishi mushrooms with a blend of minor cannabinoids to help you settle into a peaceful slumber so you wake up refreshed. Both products come to expand the brand’s family of Lemon Elderflower and Raspberry Honeysuckle.