Cannabis gifts from $51-$100 that will be huge hits

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The countdown to the biggest gift-giving season continues, with cannabis gifts high on the list

We are just one day away from the beginning of December, which in simple words, means that the Christmas season is officially kicking off. The need to gather the best of marijuana gifts for the end of the year is without a doubt something imminent, but the best of all is that there is no need to worry, since there are a lot of great and innovative products that will undoubtedly make you look like a master of cannabis culture. If you have a budget ranging from $51 to $100, there’s more than one gift you can add to the shopping list.

If you’re looking to please your dad, Evri Starter Pack is definitely a great marijuana gift. Many who have used it claim that it is all-in-one, which makes it extremely practical. You can use it with the nectar collector attachment for concentrates, and it also works great for cartridges and/or pods. With three heat settings and a 900 mAh battery, you’ll have the ability to enjoy concentrates at the best temperatures for flavor.

Customizable rotating rolling tray Blazy Susan is another great option if you want to surprise that stoner who is also a fan of order and art. Blazy Susan now offers its incredible 15.5-inch rotating rolling tray in white birch, making it a great canvas for those who love 420 as well as arts and crafts related to their lifestyle.

And finally, if you want to opt for an edible option, the Daily Buzz Gummies from five seem to be becoming quite the trend. These gummies come packed with a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids to provide a daily dose of goodness. With different flavors, they come available in 30-count bottles and are capable of enhancing anyone’s day through their balanced effect.