Cannabis-friendly hotels are going after high-end customers

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Marijuana travel continues to find new destinations enthusiasts should visit

In the US, there are already boutique hotels that have specialized in being cannabis-friendly, so they target especially high-end travelers, a segment with great growth potential. According to a survey conducted by Cultivar Brands, together with MMGY Travel Intelligence, travelers’ interest in experiences involving cannabis is on the rise. This opens up a huge spectrum for boutique hotels, as it went from 29% to 37% of all active leisure travelers, and Generation Z and millennial travelers. Many of them proved to be upscale travelers.

“There’s also this sophisticated kind of connoisseur. And the data shows, if you look at the median and mean household incomes, the cannabis-interested audience has a very compelling profile when it comes to disposable income,” said Brian Applegarth, founder of Cannabis Travel Association and Cultivar Brands.

This trend is led by California, where laws have relaxed marijuana use over time. And it’s no secret that the Golden State is one of the largest producers in this regard. Humboldt Social stands out among many, operating several businesses, such as the Oyster Beach Bayfront Resort vacation rentals, the four-bedroom Humboldt Bay Social Club hotel, the Papa & Barkley Social dispensary, and spa.

According to several studies in the country, marijuana tourism has increased, as legalization in a large number of states has shown a great influx of travelers. As a result, destinations such as Cancun and Los Cabos would have a boom of tourists if Mexico legalized it, an option that has already been contemplated. Be that as it may, cannabis tourism does not stop decreasing and seems to be having great participation of users with enough resources to have a good vacation.