Cannabis-friendly destinations for Michigan marijuana enthusiasts

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Cannabis travel destinations continue to find growing support across the US

In Michigan, the winds are already blowing where marijuana is included. The state and its legalization of the plant have made many of the enthusiasts have different cannabis-friendly places and destinations to visit right now, which has made the state’s tourism grow exponentially. It is known that part of the cannabis culture is based on freedom and wanting to find places where their beliefs can be shared without any inconvenience. In Detroit, this goal can be achieved.

From selfie studios to yoga classes, cannabis culture is already a part of the Wolverine State. Popular selfie studios have become a favorite destination for many marijuana enthusiasts. At these places, people can go to take a few pictures with their friends, and in Detroit, one of the latest to open its doors is CannaPose, a cannabis-themed selfie studio. Located on the west side of Motor City, it can be considered a selfie exhibit but related to cannabis. It features different cannabis-themed rooms where you simply walk in and take a photo that can immediately be shared on Instagram.

If the idea is to enjoy a good coffee while living the marijuana culture at its best, then The Michigan Squeeze Station, an organic food, juice and smoothie café on Michigan Avenue, can be an ideal destination. Group events are regularly organized here so that many enthusiasts can gather and share in a lifestyle that identifies them all.

Wacky Weed Tours of Ann Arbor, a walking tour of Ann Arbor and its dispensaries, can be an interesting attraction for many. As the website says, “Our tour is part history, part mystery, a lot of laughs and cannabis facts thrown in for good measure.” People are taken on different tours to discover fun cultures while telling interesting stories.