Cannabis for sickle cell disease?

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More sickle cell disease patients are turning to marijuana

Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital recently completed an anonymous survey on marijuana. It was designed specifically to target a correlation between sickle cell disease (SCD) and marijuana use and what researchers found is interesting. Despite not being listed as a qualifying disease that can be treated with marijuana, more individuals suffering from SCD are consuming marijuana to find relief.

The results indicate that there might be a need to have SCD included permanently among the afflictions that can be treated by cannabis. Currently, there are only three states that classify the disease as a qualifying ailment – Pennsylvania, Ohio and Connecticut. The researchers stated, “The high rate of requests for certification for medical marijuana, including requests from non-marijuana users, suggests that our patients are interested in marijuana as a potential symptomatic treatment for the sickle cell disease.”

The results were published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal and is titled, “Marijuana Use in Adults Living with Sickle Cell Disease.” Given that two of the primary symptoms of SCD are acute and chronic pain, it stands to reason that the disease warrants inclusion.

The research showed that SCD sufferers are relying on marijuana more because they either they don’t want to use opioids or because other lab-manufactured products are not providing relief of their pain. The researchers admit that more studies are necessary to make a better determination, but the marijuana community already knows what the studies will determine.