Cannabis films that are always worth repeated views

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If COVID-19 is keeping you at home, check out these always-popular cannabis movies

There may be nothing more comforting or enjoyable than curling up on the couch and watching a movie while you catch your cannabis buzz. Catching a flick that portrays the cannabis culture can only make your viewing experience more enjoyable.

Herold and Kumar Go to White Castle follows its lead characters journey to find the perfect burger to satisfy the munchies. Now, that’s a desire we’ve all had and a storyline you can sink your teeth into.

Smiley Face breaks with the traditional stoner dude storyline and instead gives voice to a female protagonist and follows her drug-induced adventures after she downs an entire plate of cannabis cupcakes. Smiley Face should not be missed, as it has one of the greatest monologues of stoner film history.

Pineapple Express takes you on a wild ride as Seth Rogan and James Franco grab some snacks and head for the hills after witnessing a murder. These two funnymen will keep you rolling as they do what they must to avoid becoming victims themselves.

Half Baked is a 90’s cannabis comedy focusing on the trials and tribulations of getting high while keeping your activities hidden from those who don’t approve. Hiding the smell of weed and the paranoia surrounding being caught and just a few of the problems this film looks at.

Saving Grace looks at a multi-generational home, and all the crazy things that can happen when cannabis and grandma get mixed up under the same roof.

Finally, The Big Lebowski by the Coen Brothers is a cult classic. Follow the adventures as your stoner uncle The Dude, leads this crazy cannabis fueled film through more twists and turns than an actual roller coaster.