Cannabis farmers in California have developed a digital cannabis marketplace

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Cannabis entrepreneurs are exploring the blockchain to improve the legal sales market

It appears that some of California’s small cannabis farmers are making use of their expertise and the state’s famous marijuana market to create a digital marketplace related to the plant. The idea comes at a time when many of these workers face wholesale price squeezes, high taxes, and an illicit market still in existence. All of this comes together as a major obstacle to competing against the larger operators in the state’s volatile market.

With the launch of Emerald Road, Justin Calvin has set out to return higher margins to the Golden State’s smaller farms. This blockchain technology-backed, cryptocurrency-exclusive eCommerce platform gives consumers the opportunity to interact directly with farmers. Through Organic Kind, a cannabis delivery service licensed in the state, consumers will be able to purchase different products.

Emerald Road is based on a web3 platform. Web3 refers to the evolution of the internet as it is known today, and its main feature is that it will be a decentralized internet and for that, it will use blockchain technology. The new marketplace will pave the way for consumers to connect with cannabis farms to take tours, chat with growers, and buy exclusive products.

“Our platform really gives you the chance to meet and identify with the farmer and the farming community itself, which is pretty unique for an e-commerce platform,” Calvino said. “Then, you match that with the ability for blockchain integration and for the farmer to control their own currency and their own community around blockchain.”

Arcanna Flowers, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, and Pacific Cultivation are among the nine farms that were participating during yesterday’s launch. Other participants included a handful of cannabis brands, a dozen practitioners, six educators, and ten musicians.