Cannabis fans can thank Krispy Kreme for trying to prevent legal marijuana

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The donut chain and other companies have dumped millions into trying to stop cannabis reform

While support for making marijuana legal is surprising, there are some who continue to fight to maintain its illegal status at the federal level. Krispy Kreme is one of the many brands involved in that thinking as it consistently donates to a group lobbying Congress to keep marijuana illegal and prevent the creation of reform that would change that fate.

While lies always exist, following a money trail always reveals what is really going on behind the scenes. Something like that is happening with the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), an entity that recently removed a list of its major donors from its website. After being contacted by Leafly, no response was shared as to why such action would be taken.

While the Virginia-based national anti-drug organization declined to comment, the answer appears to be fairly obvious. They simply want to avoid disclosing who is providing money to keep cannabis illegal. Although this list of donors is no longer public, several screenshots show the logos of the brands that support this practice.

Among them are Pfizer, DirecTV, the NFL, Johnson & Johnson, Barclays and Krispy Kreme. As is evident, brands in Big Pharma, finance, the drug treatment industry and other companies that directly or indirectly benefit from the War on Drugs continue to make efforts to keep marijuana from finding the light of legality in the near future.

Krispy Kreme stood out as one of the rather inscrutable donors. For many, it is rare for a corporate doughnut purveyor to derive any benefit from the illegality of the plant. Although Krispy Kreme’s corporate public relations was contacted, no response has yet been received, so the question remains.

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