Cannabis enthusiasts have a chance to hang out with Seth Rogen

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The actor and cannabis entrepreneur is offering a unique experience for cannabis fans

The marijuana industry emerges from the depths of creativity of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and this time Seth Rogen raises his hand with something incredible. Rogen is known worldwide for his talent, his friendships, and his original projects, but also for his open and declared love for marijuana. As expected, the entrepreneur continues to revolutionize the industry with great news. Staying in a luxurious home in LA and spending time with the actor and his passion for cannabis seems to be no longer a distant dream.

Houseplant, the company that combines Rogen’s love for marijuana and art, has now joined forces with the famous staycation platform AirBnB to offer three different one-night options in a house equipped with a ceramic studio designed by Rogen. These stays, equipped with a pool with panoramic views of the city, a display of unique Houseplant housewares, and mid-century furniture, are available February 15-17 for two people each for just $42.

All those fans of the actor and marijuana lovers living in the US can apply to book on Airbnb starting February 7 at 10:00 AM PT. Besides already having the perfect excuse to go on vacation, hanging out with Rogen is also on the menu.

“I’m a part of the experience,” Rogen said. “There will be pottery wheels there, so I can do pottery with them. A lot of people ask me to do pottery with them or teach them a bit about pottery, so it’s something I’m happy to offer. I assume people will want to smoke weed with me; that’s also something I’m happy to do.” While the experience is cannabis-friendly, the brand has made it clear that no marijuana products will be offered, so be prepared for a “BYOWeed” format.