Cannabis effects on the brain, according to science

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Alcohol affects the brain much worse than marijuana

While marijuana consumption continues to increase around the world, the debate rages on regarding the actual benefits or drawbacks to the body and mind. Some still try to argue against scientific evidence, but they’re fighting a losing battle. Attempts to prevent the further spread of marijuana legalization have often centered on the impact consumption has on the brain, but those arguments are now found to be completely false.

One study, conducted by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles, submitted adolescent twins to cannabis testing. One twin consumed and the other didn’t, and researchers studied the brain activity in both over a long period of time. In the end, there were no differences in IQ between the pair.

Another study reviewed brain scans of 781 young adults from 14-22 years old. It was carried out by scientists with the University of Pennsylvania, who concluded that, of the 147 cannabis users, there were no substantial differences in global or regional brain volumes, gray matter density or cortical thickness.

Yet another study, a clinical trial conducted in Canada, reviewed long-term exposure to cannabis. Despite regular use, the cannabis users showed no demonstrable differences in neurocognitive skills compared to those who didn’t consume.

There is still much more that needs to be learned about cannabis and its effects. However, science is making new strides every day. What has already been shown, beyond any doubt, is that alcohol has side effects that are much more drastic than those associated with marijuana. This observation doesn’t need much scientific research to be proven, either – it is seen in the number of individuals suffering from alcohol addiction, the number who have died from alcoholism and the number who have had serious health issues from alcohol consumption. Since marijuana has been legalized, the numbers don’t even come remotely close to those associated with alcohol.