Cannabis edibles have a lot of health benefits, but don’t work for everyone

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How cannabis edibles work on the body depends on the individual’s own metabolism

During the last few months, the trend of cannabis edibles has started to have great growth in the population. For many users, it is a viable option when they are not so experienced when smoking marijuana, or because they are simply looking for a more potent and long-lasting effect. However, these benefits cannot be enjoyed by everyone as there are people whose system does not accept the functionality of these edibles. This is because, like any other product, these edibles must be metabolized by the digestive system, meaning that more cannabinoids will be filtered out of your system due to the slower absorption time.

According to neuroscientist and medical cannabis consultant, Dr. Adie Rae, “The liver is responsible for this transformation, and specifically, the drug-metabolizing enzyme known as cytochrome P2C9 or CYP2C9. Even when you smoke, your liver still sees some delta-9 and converts it to 11-hydroxy-THC, but you get a lot more 11-OH when you eat cannabis.”

When certain people seek to consume cannabis in this way and notice that its effects are almost nil, they tend to be disappointed. According to estimates, between 10-15% of cannabis users do not experience the desired effects of cannabis edibles, and that is primarily due to each person’s digestive system, among other factors. This usually boils down to one of two complications, absorption or metabolic problems and digestion problems. Both of these problems can clearly have a negative impact on the way the body digests certain products, cannabinoids in this case.

If the person has metabolic problems, it is very likely that the ability to process these products is obstructed. This is why people who have problems like these tend to have trouble feeling the desired effects of edible cannabis.