Cannabis delivery startup Zip Run ready to expand following latest funding round

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The cannabis delivery segment continues to gain a lot of support as the industry expands

Following a seed round led by Mollitiam Capital, Zip Run, a Boston-based cannabis distribution startup, was able to report a total of $2.3 million in cash raised for its respective funding. It had previously been made clear that Zip Run has every intention of becoming the first cannabis delivery service in the state of Massachusetts.

Zip Run is relatively new since it was founded last year, but its plans already go beyond simply delivering marijuana in this state, as it is also looking to possibly license its eCommerce platform so that other US entrepreneurs can use it for their own purposes. It won’t be long before Zip Run’s process is finalized and it will be able to obtain adult-use delivery permits in Boston. Once this is achieved, the company will be registered as the first licensed adult delivery operator in the area.

Gabe Vieira, Zip Run’s co-founder and CEO, explained that the raise “accelerates product development of our consumer-friendly e-commerce platform and furthers our mission to help socially-owned companies gain ownership in the cannabis industry.”

To commemorate 4/20, Zip Run said this will be the date when customers can pre-check in. Zip Run’s first retail partner will be Berkshire Roots in East Boston and part of the first promotions is that when you place your first orders, you will have the opportunity to earn credits for future deliveries, marking an important point in gaining the loyalty of new customers.

Thanks to these funds, Zip Run may now be able to achieve its desired expansion, and if the acceptance is positive, it is very likely that the company will continue to grow across the country.