Cannabis deliveries, lounges coming to Denver, CO, after city leaders approve new laws

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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock still needs to sign off on the measures

Denver, CO, could start to see a lot of marijuana innovations as cannabis consumption lounges and marijuana deliveries are going to be allowed. This comes after some law changes were pushed through by leaders this week. On Monday, the City Council voted in favor of the changes, and now they will be knocking on Mayor Michael Hancock’s door. If all goes as planned and the measures become law, Denver could start seeing change immediately. However, the delivery system could be delayed due to its lengthy approval process and logistics.

Denver Public Schools principals have expressed concern about the measures, which they believe could lead to an increase in marijuana use among young people, at least as they made clear in a joint letter sent to the City Council. However, several reports have shown that it is very likely that this won’t be the case. Since the moment of legalization, the use among young people has not had a major impact.

On the other hand, Eric Escudero, spokesman for Denver’s Department of Excise and Licensing, said the proposal for the deliveries would contain several strict rules, including cameras in the vehicles, and the use of ID scanners to prevent young people from having the ability to request this type of service.

In addition, marijuana tour buses would have the green light for their passengers to consume marijuana on board, as long as the driver is separated from the smoke with a barrier. Escudero says, “That’s the last thing we want to do is have someone driving who is stoned. The measure is aimed at trying to ensure that more people have the economic opportunity to benefit from this multi-billion dollar industry.”

These measures are expected to be practically officialized, especially since Mayor Hancock has shown to be strongly in favor of them.