Cannabis could be the key to resolving migraines

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Real-life examples are sometimes stronger than lab tests

Debilitating pain, blurred vision or temporary blindness, inability to function – these are just a few of the many symptoms associated with migraine headaches. While some may suggest popping a couple of aspirin, they obviously have never had to deal with a real migraine. In many cases, aspirin won’t work and stronger painkillers, such as opioids, carry deadly side effects. As one migraine sufferer learned, though, cannabis not only reduced the migraine symptoms, it eliminating the pain completely.

Bethany Rondeau was diagnosed with cluster migraines when she was only 14. She was forced to suffer for four years, never able to find a viable solution. She says, “It was frustrating because there were days the pain was so bad I had to stay inside because exposure to light just made the migraines worse.”

In 2009, a physician told her about cannabis and its possible benefits for treating migraines. Having been unable to find relief with anything else, she decided to look into it. She learned that cannabis can be more effective than lab-created drugs and doesn’t carry the unwanted side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.

That was enough to convince her to get started on cannabis treatment. She discovered that her symptoms quickly disappeared and, ultimately, her migraines no longer were an issue.

Some will try to argue that there still needs to be more research and that Rondeau could still suffer problems from her cannabis consumption. However, they’re wrong and that point cannot be argued. Rondeau began consuming in 2009 – ten years ago. If cannabis were to have had any negative effects, they would have surfaced before now.