Cannabis could be the anticancer wonderdrug

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Recent studies indicate positive results in killing cancer cells with cannabinoids

Maryland-based Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has been working to solve a health issue that affects millions. It has tried a variety of solutions that would kill cancer cells, and believes that it finally has a viable solution. While it’s still too early to tell, if the company’s results are accurate, it could be a major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.

Cannabics maintains a research center in Tel Aviv, Israel. That center has conducted trials using one of the company’s proprietary cannabinoid compounds and the results have shown to kill more cancer cells than what has been seen with traditional chemotherapy. Given the side effects associated with chemo treatment, a natural alternative such as cannabis would be an incredible advance.

According to the company’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Eyal Ballan, “I am excited to share the positive results and hope for meaningful collaborations with industry leaders in cancer treatment. There is an advantage in developing cannabis medicine since we explore compounds that are been delivered to patients worldwide and to finetune the antitumor potential in such a dispersed treatment has a promising value.”

The company focuses entirely on cannabis and cannabis derivatives to explore a variety of treatments. It now maintains a database of cancer and cannabinoids and has also created a library of cannabinoid compounds that are used to explore biological effects.

More work is needed before the results can be considered conclusive. However, if the initial results are accurate, we could be entering a whole new world of medical advancement that can completely alter the health landscape.