Cannabis consumption lounges in Alaska ready to move beyond COVID-19

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The gathering places for cannabis users were put on hold due to the pandemic

Alaska took a curious initiative last year, where it formally approved several licenses for two salons to become places for cannabis consumption. It is very difficult that this type of business has been seen before, which makes Alaska a pioneer of the idea. With the arrival of COVID-19, however, many of these plans had been affected and delayed, but it is assured that they have not been stopped. Cannabis consumption lounges are ready to pick up where they left off in Alaska.

For a while last year, a consumption lounge located in Ketchikan was able to open its doors briefly, but then was hit by the pandemic wave, which caused the owners to change course. Fairbanks is home to the other salon, and, while it was unable to do as well as its counterparts, its owners are looking forward to starting operations as soon as possible.

Good Titrations executive Brandon Emmett played an important role in creating these regulations in order to properly govern the consumer lounges. Because of this initiative, many other entrepreneurs have wished to apply something similar. Such is the case of Joe McAneney, owner of High Expedition Co. in Talkeetna, Alaska. He has indicated a desire to be able to open such a site behind his store, where visitors have the opportunity to view the Northern Lights and Mount Denali.

“Starting a new business and spending money and creating … something new during this time, to me, is not very responsible; it doesn’t make a lot of sense,” McAneney explains. Alaska has given high priority to this type of business because it usually has a large population of cannabis-consuming visitors, but many hotels continue to prohibit its consumption during their stay.