Cannabis company Schwazze’s stock receives a boost from analysts

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Beacon Securities has begun coverage of the cannabis company and sees great things ahead

There is no doubt that Schwazze is taking a different approach to cannabis than other companies. This has led Beacon Securities analyst Russell Stanley to launch coverage exclusively focused on this US cannabis company. With a management team showing great skill and a stock trading at a discount compared to its peers, Stanley says the firm deserves the attention of all investors looking to add strength to their portfolio.

Schwazze remains relatively unknown to many. Its market cap is just over $60 million, and its daily volume is approximately 40,000 shares. The opportunity is definitely still open, and the company continues to execute a strategy that is decidedly different and may, in fact, prove to be one of the best opportunities in the cannabis universe today.

The company has operations in both New Mexico and Colorado, and in recent times has been quite active in mergers and acquisitions. Since late last year, the company has been able to add 15 cannabis dispensaries to its portfolio, along with one cultivation facility in the Centennial State and four in the Land of Enchantment.

Justin Dye, CEO of Schwazze and president of Dye Capital, looked at the budding cannabis industry and saw a door full of opportunity opening wide. “Schwazze is proving that our regional strategy, based on a customer-centric approach, developing meaningful scale, building brands and leveraging technology and data analytics, is not only sound, but gaining momentum, as evidenced by revenue and unit sales growth, customer loyalty and once again outpacing legacy market growth by approximately 12%.”

Management is what has undoubtedly caught Stanley’s attention the most, which he described as aligned with shareholders. In addition, speaking about the pedigrees of Dye and CSO Todd Williams, the analyst said Schwazze’s management is punching well above its weight, given its market capitalization.

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