Cannabis company Buddies Brand teams up with Xzibit

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The rapper and actor becomes the latest to put his celebrity status behind cannabis

Rap and marijuana have always been best friends, at least in the public eye. For the iconic rapper, broadcaster and actor Xzibit, there is a very close relationship between both industries and it seems that he is precisely a clear example. The leading cannabis brand with products available in more than 1,000 retail menus, Buddies Brand, has fully trusted the artist’s expertise. That is why it has appointed him and his cannabis brand, Napalm, as part of a strategic alliance.

This is not the first time Xzibit has ventured into the marijuana business apart from Napalm. A couple of years ago, he partnered with and created the LOL Taffy edibles brand. But things have changed a lot since then, and the market has been growing steadily.

According to BDSA, the leading provider of cannabis industry data and analytics, Buddies cannabis products rank number eight in the nation by total sales volume. Additionally, the California, Oregon and Washington markets have witnessed the quality of these products.

The new agreement indicates that Xzibit will now move into a Creative Director role for Buddies and Napalm cannabis products. There is no doubt that Xzibit will use all of his vast experience to carry out his responsibilities to the fullest while assisting with product development and marketing operations.

The agreement also indicates that Buddies’ Redding, CA manufacturing facilities will now be used for the manufacture of Napalm products, which will subsequently be distributed by NABIS, the leading licensed cannabis wholesale platform in the largest legal cannabis market.

“For Napalm, this partnership allows our brand to further streamline and expedite product development, vertically integrate, and provide distribution to our retail partners at a much higher level,” said Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner. “West Coast cannabis customers love Buddies products and this partnership of two powerhouse brands, plus NABIS for distribution, will take us to new heights and help expand Napalm into more markets.”