Cannabis comes to eCommerce

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The CanIDeal platform introduces the first cannabis eCommerce solution

The CanIDeal eCommerce portal is billed as the “First fully-legal, [business-to-business] eCommerce platform” for the cannabis industry. It has provided access to “thousands of retailers” and is now expanding its operations. The company has announced that vendors can now list their merchandise on the platform, as well.

According to a company press release, CanIDeal CEO Joseph Farruggia asserts, “While we are only selling THC products in Oregon, any and all non-THC and .3 CBD products can now be listed for sale in every one of the 22 recreational and medical states through our platform. We are thrilled to be able to offer the industry’s first national eCommerce solution for everyone. With our vendor-side launch, CanIDeal becomes the first, fully interactive, legal online marketplace for cannabis, hemp, CBD and every related product to the industry.”

The platform is designed around “geo-specific transactions,” giving cannabis supply chain vendors access to information and resources that are specific to each state. Tom Adams, editor of the Arcview Report, “Think of CanIDeal as the Amazon of the cannabis industry, but with much larger B2B, not B2C, transactions. It brings convenience, price and availability to cannabis business owners. It connects a variety of transactional and ancillary services selling wholesale products in the retail and medical cannabis market.”

Marijuana continues to gain support across the country – and the globe – but resources to support the industry have been relatively scarce. CanIDeal is working to change that and its platform is quickly growing as a main source of data and networking for a number of companies in the marijuana space.