Cannabis clothing continues to expand as an industry

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Hemp could take over as the main component for shirts, other apparel

The increased acceptance of marijuana across the US has had an unlikely benefit. It has released hemp from its constraints and is allowing for the plant to be used in more ways, including an increase in fashionable apparel. Within the next several years, it’s possible that hemp could replace cotton as the go-to component for shirts, shorts, backpacks and more.

Hemp and marijuana are similar in that they are both derived from cannabis; however, they are completely different in their applications and cultivation. Nonetheless, lawmakers decided to lump both into the same anti-cannabis category that led to both being outlawed in the US in 1970. Now that lawmakers are relaxing somewhat, the true power of hemp is being explored. It has been seen in dietary supplements and skin products – more than 25,000 applications have been identified – but it’s its use in clothing that could really revolutionize the industry.

Hemp has a number of characteristics that make it the perfect solution in today’s world. It is stronger and softer than cotton and is naturally breathable. It is also quick to dry and odor resistant. These properties make for an extremely comfortable piece of clothing that is easy to maintain.

Additionally, producing hemp uses significantly less water than do other fabrics, meaning it won’t harm the environment. Since it is, obviously, organic, it decomposes without creating microplastics that can damage the ecosystem. Overall, hemp has a great many positives that significantly outweigh the negatives. In fact, the only real negative is the stigma that has been erroneously contributed to it for the past century.

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