Cannabis can treat anxiety, but varies in how long before it takes effect

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Everyone’s reaction to cannabis consumption varies and it’s important to know the difference

Cannabidiol (CBD) is commonly used against anxiety, and several studies show that this cannabinoid has enough properties to leave this mental condition in the past. Products such as CBD oil could also be beneficial in helping to reduce the symptoms caused by CBD, although many should keep in mind that dosage and time can be important factors in starting to feel the effects.

First of all, if using CBD for anxiety, it is very important to make sure that the product chosen has no more than 0.2%-0.3% THC. A higher amount of this cannabinoid, unlike CBD, does have psychotropic effects and would be counterproductive to treat anxiety.

The use of CBD can be done through pharmacological therapies in the form of oils, creams, or ointments. All these presentations are applied topically. When the dose is placed sublingually, the CBD comes into contact with the thinner and more permeable layer of the mouth, which favors absorption and makes the CBD reach the blood quickly through the capillaries.

When using CBD sublingually, it is necessary to put a few drops under the tongue and wait for its absorption. Its effects take about 20-30 minutes to appear and its duration is between two and four hours if the dose is between five and 20 mg and if it is acute anxiety.

In addition to the amount you take, the way you take it, and the source of your CBD oil, it is necessary to understand that there are several factors independent of each person that can alter this effect. This includes body weight and your body’s metabolism.

The absorption of the compound depends on how much fat you have and what metabolic rate you have. A higher weight requires a higher dose, and a higher metabolism will cause the effects of CBD to be felt much faster.

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