Cannabis can help those looking to have a “Dry January”

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The initiative is a campaign to reduce alcohol dependency, and cannabis can help

Dry January, an initiative promoted by Alcohol Change UK to raise awareness among the local and global population about the effects of alcohol consumption, began ten years ago with 40,000 participants. The proposal was simple: give up cocktails, spirits, wine, beer, or any other alcoholic beverage during the first month of the year. Undoubtedly this zero tolerance is a great idea, but those who still want to have a way to keep a recreational substance in their lives can opt for the benefits of marijuana.

Thanks to the diffusion through social networks and the testimonials of celebrities who have joined in previous versions, Dry January is one of the New Year’s resolutions present in the list of many. It’s no secret that after a festive season, many choose to get down and participate in Dry January to reset their body and mind for the New Year.

Fortunately, marijuana can help you stay dry during this month. First of all, the plant is able to make your goals more realistic. Undoubtedly, this “challenge” can be difficult to complete, especially for social and regular drinkers. However, when cannabis is added to the equation, you may find it an extra help to control some of your cravings, especially when you find yourself in an activity that usually includes alcohol.

On the other hand, marijuana can prevent extreme behaviors. Although health benefits are one of the benefits of Dry January, some extreme behaviors may also surface.

Marijuana provides a very different reaction to your body, eliminating the hangovers and calories that accompany alcohol. It also relaxes you and prevents the urge to engage in inappropriate behaviors due to the anxiety of sobriety.

There are also non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages like Cann, which allow consumers to enjoy non-alcoholic enjoyment with these cannabis-infused social tonics. With two milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and four milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD), each can is micro-dosed with just the right amount of cannabis that will make you feel relaxed but still tuned in. They’re like botanical refreshments with an extra kick.

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