Cannabis can help fight chronic fatigue syndrome

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The boost provided by cannabis is helping many overcome the disorder

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a disorder that results in a constant feeling of sleepiness or lethargy that never goes away. What causes it is still not completely known, but how to offset its symptoms is. Cannabis has been shown to be an effective compound in reversing the disorder’s symptoms.

Several studies have shown that cannabis can promote better sleep by decreasing the sleep stage REM (rapid eye movement). Since chronic musculoskeletal pain is a common characteristic of CFS, the analgesic traits of cannabis can help to reduce the pain. Additionally, cannabis can help reduce chronic inflammation of the brain, which is said to be a contributor to CFS.

A teenager in England was forced to miss eight years of school due to CFS. He was bed-ridden and so weak that he couldn’t even see properly – the disorder had weakened his eye muscles to the point that he wasn’t able to focus. The problem was so severe that he had even considered taking his own life.

After not finding results with other treatments, his parents began to administer cannabidiol (CBD) oil after the teenager’s grandmother made the recommendation. She had been using CBD oil to effectively treat her Crohn’s disease and recognized that it could help her grandson. Following the beginning of the CBD oil treatment, the 16-year-old’s mother said, “It’s completely changed his life and alleviated his symptoms. It’s kickstarted his growth, he shot up 11 inches in nine months.”

Of the two major types of marijuana – Sativa and Indica – Sativa is said to be better for treating CFS. Sativa is associated with energy and improvements in mood, which can help to counter the disorder. As with any treatment program, it is always a good idea to check with a physician before getting started, but CFS is just another example of the power of cannabis.

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