Cannabis can be beneficial in reversing memory loss

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Research shows that cannabis may help the brain retain its memory functions

Several studies claim that cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis compound, can help increase blood flow to the hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with memory and emotions. This undoubtedly can be key for pathologies such as Alzheimer’s, where memory loss is one of the main symptoms.

Our memory is something we tend to take for granted, but as we age, the importance of cherished memories and precious moments increases more and more. Even if you forget your car keys from time to time, you’ll probably still be able to remember who you went to school with over thirty years ago. The problem is that things are not always like that.

Forgetting where you left your wallet, while not life-threatening, can ruin your day. In this situation, the effect of forgetfulness is negligible, but not all memory problems are so easy to overcome. Fortunately, CBD is a compound that is being heavily scrutinized for its possible ability to “reverse” the breakdown of neurons that contributes to memory loss.

Researchers have discovered a “proof of principle” regarding the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and CBD. According to the results, CBD also reverses and prevents the development of cognitive deficits. The researchers add that CBD also demonstrated its ability to reduce gliosis and neuroinflammatory response. The studies that supported the analysis noted above were good news on a collective level, not only for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia but also for anyone who has problems with memory loss.

Regardless of the circumstances, memory loss is an incredibly complicated symptom to treat. Whether it is the result of serious illness or recent physical or emotional trauma, CBD could be a treatment possibility for patients in the future. Studies show its ability to repair and protect vital pathways in our brains, and the effect could be revolutionary on people’s quality of life.