Cannabis can be beneficial for liver health

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Liver disease can be treated with cannabis

Different compounds in cannabis, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have already been proven to help with pain control, inflammation, arthritis and many other health issues. There is mounting evidence that they can also be beneficial in helping fight the symptoms – and possibly the cause – of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and others. Now, support for cannabis as a treatment for liver disease is beginning to gain ground, as well.

Liver disease occurs when there is a substantial amount of tissue scarring in the liver and the tissue scarring leads to inflammation that, in turn, leads to the death of healthy cells. It is a growing problem around the world and doesn’t have a definitive cure. In many cases, when the disease becomes too severe, a liver transplant is the only solution.

Scientists have determined that the body’s own cannabinoid system can bind to THC, which can help strengthen the system and allow it to become more productive. A separate study shows that CBD can force infected liver cells to die off while not affecting the surrounding healthy cells. This indicates that CBD can rid the body of the damaged cells and promote healthy cell growth.

There are ways to help promote a healthy liver – watching one’s weight and diet, not consuming large quantities of alcohol and not using intravenous drugs – but the indications that cannabis can provide natural relief are a huge benefit and can go a long way to helping those that are diagnosed with liver disease.