Cannabis can be a strong ally in the fight against breast cancer

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There is plenty of supporting evidence to show how cannabis can help cancer patients

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common type diagnosed in women in the US. Fortunately, different researchers have conducted studies in which it has been proven that the active components of marijuana and its derivatives exert a “potent antitumor effect” in a genetic model of breast cancer, reducing the number and size of tumors and metastases in the lung. The plant continues to demonstrate different properties that are perfect for treating different symptoms of breast cancer.

Different studies have established that cannabinoids exert a marked antitumor effect on the genetic model of breast cancer, as they not only drastically reduce tumor growth and the appearance of metastases, but are also capable of blocking the generation of new tumors by themselves. Today, many women have begun to consider this plant because it greatly relieves the symptoms and side effects caused by treatments.

As is well known, chemotherapy brings with it a number of negative side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and others. Medical cannabis can make a big difference in this regard. It has anti-nausea and appetite-stimulating properties, which can counteract the aforementioned side effects.

Another side effect of chemotherapy is nerve damage, which can lead to neuropathy (nerve pain). But neuropathy can also occur after surgery, radiation therapy and in cases of advanced breast cancer. Fortunately, cannabis is also a potent pain reliever and can treat neuropathy without some of the more serious side effects associated with prescription painkillers.

During a preclinical study, researchers discovered that cannabidiol (CBD) can turn off a gene responsible for the multiplication of breast cancer cells. The study was conducted using animals and cell cultures. While the results are certainly encouraging, it is still too early to state definitively that CBD can prevent breast cancer metastasis in humans.

Anecdotal stories from cancer patients encourage researchers to continue studying the medicinal properties of cannabis. They also give cancer patients a reason to be hopeful and optimistic, which is vitally important when fighting this disease.

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