Cannabis can be a great alternative for treating alcoholism

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For those who want to kick the alcohol habit, cannabis can help

Cannabis and alcohol have been used recreationally by mankind for millennia. Various attempts to control alcohol (through prohibition) have always been in vain, with cannabis suffering a changing legal fate in recent years. Historically, cannabis has been labeled as the more dangerous of the two substances, while alcohol has been state-controlled and widely available, being a preferred social lubricant for many. However, it is well known, legal does not mean healthy. Cannabis has been shown to have great health benefits, not the least of which is the ability to put alcohol to one side.

Unfortunately, apart from the damage alcohol causes to the brain and body, there is an even greater sociological cost, including an impact on the rate of crime committed. On too many occasions, encouraging violence, a feeling of no risk, false security, etc. The problem is, therefore, endemic, although the latest research points precisely to the fact that cannabis could be a useful tool for treating alcoholism.

The evidence shows that, when it comes to harm reduction, cannabis is, in fact, a fantastic alternative to virtually all other options available to physicians. Experts say that substituting one psychoactive substance for another in order to reduce negative effects can fall under the umbrella of harm reduction. Medical cannabis patients have achieved such substitution with the use of marijuana as an alternative to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal substances.

Different animal experiments have shown that cannabidiol (CBD) has the ability to reduce stress-related alcohol consumption, withdrawal seizures, and impulsive drinking. This suggests that CBD may help reduce alcohol cravings. If there are problems with alcoholism, many recommend giving CBD gummies a try.