Cannabis brand Cookies is now available in Massachusetts

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The popular cannabis brand continues to find a strong foothold in several US states

The long-awaited expansion to the East Coast has recently been announced by the international cannabis brand Cookies. To accomplish this, it has reportedly entered into a partnership with New Dia, LLC in Worcester, MA. Through this agreement with Cookies, New Dia will extend its goal of becoming one of the first economic empowerment applicants in the Bay State. Its idea is to continue to create more employment opportunities for the surrounding community.

This is Cookies’ first footprint to be marked on the East Coast and that’s why the recent New Dia location wants to get off on the right foot. The company offers a premium menu featuring Cookies’ famous genetics, not to mention Cookies SF’s unique New England-themed apparel. The people of the existing New Dia location will be retained, but 23 new and locally hired staff members will also be added.

“Partnering with Cookies allows New Dia to have a greater impact on our local economy,” said Ross Bradshaw, founder and CEO of New Dia. “Cookies’ immense popularity will help us in furthering our mission and expanding within our community in creating new jobs, supporting local suppliers and vendors, and expanding our product offerings.”

Cannabis consumers in the state will have the ability to obtain recognized Cookies strains such as Cereal Milk, Apples and Bananas, and Gary Payton, as well as regional premium cannabis brands that many will love.

“I fell in love with Massachusetts a while back at one of my first shows out there. The fire marshall (sic) shut down my show because the crowd was smoking, and the venue immediately turned into a hotbox; the energy was so pure and so was the love for cannabis and the whole crowd was chanting {let us smoke}. When we saw that Massachusetts was the first place on the East Coast to legalize cannabis, we had to enter the market. We have great production partners and we look forward to our store opening in Worcester,” said Berner, the co-Founder and CEO of Cookies.