Cannabis-based topicals for a night of passion

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Several oil-based infused lubricants are helping to reinvigorate users’ sex life

For centuries, drugs have been used to heighten the sexual experience. Unfortunately, the majority of them have extremely detrimental side effects – or are illegal – that make their use less rewarding and more dangerous over the long term. Cannabis oils, however, are all-natural and are proving to be stiff competition for lab-based alternatives.

One option is Intimate Massage Oil. It is offered by Evergreen Organix out of Nevada and is specifically designed for the female experience. It is totally safe to be applied on the genitalia and the ingredient list is very short – fractionated coconut oil mixed with 100mg of THC. It is hypoallergenic and is safe to use by anyone.

Another option is Evergreen’s massage oil. It includes hints of lavender and vanilla, and is also infused with 100mg of THC. A word to the wise, though, don’t take it internally.

Challenging Evergreen’s product line is Apothecanna. It offers its “Sexy Time” personal intimacy oil, which is infused with natural plant ingredients, including cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD version is only available in Nevada currently, but a THC version is expected to be released sometime next year. It can be applied to the neck, thighs and chest and its infused jasmine oil adds a sexy touch that will drive partners wild.

These are just a few of the products available in a growing market of sex-related cannabis oils. They’re all perfect for breaking the routine and experiencing a truly unique sexual encounter. However, keep in mind that latex condoms can deteriorate with any type of oil, so go easy.