Cannabis and yoga, a novel innovation that was realized 2,000 years ago

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Cannabis vaporizers are being introduced to yoga studios

A trend has begun that sees a merger between yoga and cannabis. More yoga studios around the globe are installing vaporizers so that yogis, while doing their downward dog, are also inhaling cannabis. It’s a novel concept that isn’t exactly new – it was first introduced over 2,000 years ago.

During the yoga sessions, the vaporizers emit the cannabis around the room. Various strains are used, from a sativa at the beginning to an indica strain at the end as a way to cool down. The “ganja yoga” craze is sweeping the globe, with many praising its mental and physical benefits.

While it may seem like just “the latest fad,” it was actually seen two millennia ago. An Indian sage, Patanjali, wrote the book on yoga and campaigned for the use of certain herbs one of five paths to enlightenment. His book, Yoga Sutras, has been studied by historians who have concluded that the “herbs” he referred to was cannabis, given the plant’s importance in the Indian culture at the time.

Patanjali wasn’t the first to suggest cannabis, though. Even thousands of years before he was born, Indian priests honored the goddess Shiva with an elixir made out of cannabis. During the same period, Indian writings have also shown that cannabis was served as a part of sacred ceremonies.

As cannabis continues to be embraced, it is becoming incorporated into an ever-increasing number of aspects in everyday life. Yoga enthusiasts, in particular, are using cannabis to enhance the yoga experience, and say that it helps to clear the mind while tuning out the pain.

Some advocates also believe that ingesting a small amount prior to a yoga class can also help to make students less inhibited and more open to the essential element of yoga – that the mind, body and spirit are one single being.