Cannabis 3.0 could include blockchain, artificial intelligence

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The cannabis industry is just getting warmed up, and big changes are on the horizon

The future of cannabis has been revealed, and it comes with high-end technology including artificial intelligence and a massive data collection. The Global Cannabis Applications Corporation (GCAC) talks about Cannabis 3.0 to describe the future and progress of the industry through a road map (cannabis 1.0 and 2.0 had been used in the past). The course of the cannabis industry will work with some cutting-edge technology, consumer input devices and regulatory technologies in creating an integrated ‘big data’ system.

This technology will include the use of the blockchain and some machine learning technologies that are often referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also, consumer input devices will be measuring biometrics and experiences to provide more data. All these huge data will serve stakeholders, and of course doctors and patients with the certainty that it can be used with confidence for coming from a trustworthy path. Another way to look at Cannabis 3.0 is as a massive collectivization of information coming from individual opinions, biometric tracking and product tracing from the very origin until it is the consumer’s hands.

The way it will look when this system operates is the ability to have easy access to real-time data opinions and other facts in the market. For instance, if someone asks which is the best medical cannabis dispensary in a certain city, there will be instant access to what is being said currently about that specific location. One other aspect that will be handled is the proper brand efficacy to separate the market in two divisions, those that focus on mass production and can easily meet demands and the other division will be small scale businesses that work more on a craft level and that can meet customer needs more than big companies.