Cannabidiol can help calm your nerves before a big presentation

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Anyone with difficulty speaking in public can find relief through CBD

A great number of people suffer from stage fright, the inability to speak in front of groups. Public speaking coaches suggest viewing the audience as a bunch of fruit or even mentally picturing them naked. While these might work, they can also be distracting and lead to the speaker forgetting his or her lines. Fortunately, there is a simpler and more effective alternative – marijuana.

A new study shows that cannabidiol (CBD), because it helps reduce anxiety, can help those who have to speak in public. The study was published in the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry and tested how CBD can control anxiety in a public speaking environment.

To perform the study, researchers examined data submitted by anxiety sufferers, alongside physiological markers, such as heart rate and blood pressure. They pooled the data from 57 male test subjects, who had been given varying amounts of CBD – from 150mg to 600 mg – or a placebo. The researchers concluded that CBD can effectively mitigate the physiological effects of anxiety.

What the study also revealed was that too much CBD can have the opposite effect and cause greater anxiety. There was a U-shaped dose-response curve associated with the findings that saw no change in anxiety among those given placebos, or the lowest or highest CBD doses. Those given 300mg, however, didn’t feel anxious and didn’t experience elevated heart or blood pressure rates.

The researchers stated, “Confirming several preclinical and clinical studies, our results indicate that acute doses of CBD can decrease anxiety…In conclusion, we observed again that single acute doses of CBD cause an inverted U-shaped dose-response pattern in human subjects submitted to an experimental model of anxiety.”