Cancer patient fights disease with cannabis and wins

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Zane Ulin provides his account of how cannabis saved his life from cancer

Even though the compounds in the cannabis plant, such as cannabidiol (CBD), can be extracted and processed individually with many benefits, there is no question that the cannabis plant as a whole, has this synergy among compounds that can improve certain effects. As cancer continues to be part of modern society more people are having doubts about whether cannabis can be a legitimate treatment option against it. Zane Ulin is a person who was cured of his terminal cancer by consuming cannabis, shares his testimony.

Ulin truly believes that to fight cancer, a full extract cannabis oil is necessary, along with some CBD to optimize the body’s response. “When you’re fighting cancer, this is what you want, because there’s no cannabinoid left behind,” said Ulin during an interview with a reporter from Canna Press.

Ulin was diagnosed with terminal non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which brings death to the patient within months or even days; however, he has now been cancer-free for the last five years and could be one of those few people who have survived this aggressive type of cancer. He started consuming a strain named Denali flower, which he turned into oil and capsules, and with which he began a high-dose regimen. Within a couple of months, his tumor had reduced by 80%, which is considered remission. In four months, he was completely cancer-free, but he continued with the chemo and stem cell transplant in a prophylactically way to make sure it won’t come back. He is totally free of cancer, and he was even able to donate from his own stem cells.

Like many people who haven’t try cannabis before, he was reluctant at first when a friend sent him some cannabis pill. Ulin did his due diligence and started doing some research until he was convinced that was the right path to follow.