California’s governor now has a dozen cannabis bills to sign

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California’s cannabis industry could soon go through a major reform

September is just beginning, and the California governor’s desk already seems to be piled high with cannabis reforms awaiting his signature. Since the year began, different legislators have taken several steps to give a new look to the cannabis industry in the Golden State. Many of them have passed the necessary filters to now be in Gavin Newsom’s office, who now has to verify that his pen has enough ink.

A dozen of cannabis bills, including one giving medical cannabis patients access to delivery services, are being put before the governor. Yesterday was the deadline for the end of the session, and with many last-minute votes, it looks like the governor has a lot to do now.

August was a month when a number of cannabis reform bills were able to cross the finish line in Sacramento. One of the last with major significance was Senator Scott Wiener’s proposed measure.

This legislation was passed, and it seeks to prohibit localities from banning medical cannabis deliveries in their areas. According to advocates, this measure will be essential to improving patient access and will help fill gaps throughout the state where cannabis license types have not been authorized.

“With over 300 California cities banning any and all sales of cannabis, millions of Californians are effectively blocked from purchasing legal, medical cannabis,” Wiener said yesterday before the session came to an end. “We must ensure everyone who needs access to medical cannabis has access-that includes seniors, people living with cancer, HIV and other chronic or life-threatening illnesses.”

Another measure that has also drawn a lot of attention is that it seeks to provide job protection for those who use marijuana after hours. Also a few weeks ago, the legislature passed a pivotal reform to streamline the sealing of records for people with eligible marijuana-related convictions. Newsom now has the final say.

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