California’s Chemesis Int’l to launch a line of marijuana edibles

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The company is looking to capitalize on the new marijuana edibles market

California-based Chemesis International has announced that it is looking to get into the cannabis edibles industry. In a press announcement from today, the company said that it will use a recently acquired facility to oversee the production of the goods and hopes to begin distribution sometime during the first quarter of next year.

Chemesis plans to offer cookies, brownies, chews, gummies and other edibles depending on the response. According to the company’s CEO, Edgar Montero,

“Chemesis continues to enter into the most lucrative and important product categories. Management is executing a strategic business plan that allows businesses to use Chemesis for all of their products and needs, making us a one-stop shop. The recent regulation changes have put pressure on businesses to find compliant manufacturing and distribution; Chemesis continues to ensure it is a top choice for companies. Entering into the edibles category is another strategic move in our long-term business plan to ensure we build long-term relationships that deliver a steady revenue stream.”

Due to recent changes in the regulations in California, marijuana companies are required to comply with more stringent testing guidelines and Chemesis indicates that its facilities meet those requirements. It says that it will provide services for other businesses that are looking for assistance with manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Chemesis currently operates in California and Puerto Rico. According to the announcement, the location of its facilities allows the company to offer “cost-effective production and distribution of its products.” Montero further stated, “Chemesis will add shareholder value by exploring opportunities in emerging markets while consistently delivering a quality product to its consumers from seed to sale.”