California’s cannabis regulator is introducing new enhancements to its tracking system

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The state hopes that the improvements will make its industry more efficient

California continues to ensure that the marijuana industry is calibrated and able to meet the demands of all parties involved. This ecosystem means that the Golden State can continue to be considered one of the quintessential markets when it comes to the plant. The latest clear example is being implemented by the California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC), which has said that new improvements are coming to its tracking system.

Through listening sessions that lasted about a year, the DCC was able to hear various comments from licensed cannabis business operators and others about the state’s cannabis tracking system. With this wealth of information gathered, the entity is now implementing a list of technical enhancements, training, and increased functionality.

These changes will benefit a wide range of stakeholders, from local governments to licensees and state partners. The idea is that the licensed cannabis market continues to make its way toward better development.

Metrc, the California Cannabis Track and Trace provider continues to be an important ally of DCC. Now, the two are working on more than a dozen enhancements that will open doors for licensees when it comes to saving time on data entry. At the same time, it will provide the Department with greater access to monitor and flag system performance issues, and provide local governments that allow marijuana businesses to access licensee information.

As a result of these system optimizations, drastically faster system response times will be evident within the next month. “These improvements aim to deliver on feedback received from stakeholders and support improved data gathering/sharing to inform policy decisions that strengthen the cannabis market and its various stakeholders,” said DCC Director Nicole Elliott.

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