California ups its cannabis tourism game through new partnership

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CalTravel and the California Cannabis Travel Association launch a new joint tourism campaign

As cannabis becomes legal in more corners of the world, there has been an increased demand for tourist options for travelers that are either cannabis-friendly or cannabis-centered. Particularly, in California, one of the hotspots for cannabis tourism, a new partnership between the California Cannabis Travel Association (CCTA) and CalTravel, seeks to make a significant advancement in the cannabis tourism industry in the Golden State. CalTravel has members from most sectors servicing the tourism industry, such as destination resorts, attractions, airports, transportation companies, industry associations, ad agencies and media companies.

“We are establishing a committee dedicated to navigating the emerging, exciting trend of cannabis tourism in California,” said Brian Applegarth, executive director of CCTA, and director-at-large with CalTravel’s board of directors. “Our state is rich with the history of cannabis, the advocacy of legalization, and now, the recent health and wellness discoveries. People are now starting to understand our legacy and traveling here to discover it.”

This is a good initiative that comes to bring support and guidance to those companies that want to transition into the cannabis tourism market, but which are unsure about how current regulations will limit this business activity. “A progressive approach to legal cannabis with the tourism industry is now a subject that we must address. Many of our stakeholders want to know how to adopt cannabis tourism, be in compliance with local and state ordinances, and provide a safe environment for their guests,” said President and CEO of the California Travel Association Barb Newton.

CCTA is a non-profit organization that focuses on the safe and responsible advancement of the tourism industry in California. It promotes open communication, social equity and environmental sustainability.