California State Fair cannabis awards program becomes huge success

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The first-ever public contest for cannabis cultivators proves to impress

For the first time in its history, the state of California held a public contest for cannabis growers. Growers in the state were able to participate in the cannabis products contest within the annual California Fair. The fair is organized by an independent state agency that is dedicated to scheduling the annual event and was established by law under the California Agriculture and Food Code. The CA State Fair Cannabis Awards have already been released, which were the inaugural award-winning growers and cultivars from across the Golden State.

Over 300 entries were judged for the recent competition, with a total of 60 trophies and medals (gold and silver) being awarded based on division and category. In addition, the coveted Golden Bear award for overall winners was also announced. Top winners include MOCA Humboldt, Esensia and Greenshock Farms.

Jess Durfee, chairman of the California State Fair and Exposition Board of Directors, said, “Adding cannabis cultivation, alongside wine, craft beer, cheese, and olive oil, was a perfect fit with the CA State Fair’s history of celebrating California’s rich agriculture history.” California was the first state in the US to pass regulation of medical cannabis in 1996, and, in 2016, it began regulating the recreational use of the plant.

The science-based competition was responsible for testing cannabis flowers in three divisions: indoor, outdoor, and mixed light. SC LABS, California’s premier testing facility, was chosen to conduct the lab testing. MOCA Humboldt, a Eureka-based operation, went home quite the award-winner after emerging victorious in the indoor cannabinoid categories and receiving two Golden Bear awards.

Among the usual contests in the state are wine, cheese, or beer production contests, which among many others, award the best product produced in the state during the year. The entry of cannabis in the contest, as another agricultural product, is a recognition of the normalization of the use and cultivation of the plant.